Tuesday, July 6, 2010

gender and transactional vs. transformational leadership

Although women more frequently exhibit traits that are conducive to currently preferred participative leadership styles, these traits are not mutually exclusive to women nor are they necessarily found in women who assume leadership roles. Nahavandi discusses that research indicates that women naturally exhibit traits associated with transformational leadership, including interpersonal skills such as consideration, expressiveness, and cooperation, (2009, p. 208). This, in and of itself, does not however suggest to me that women make better leaders than men, as men too can exhibit these traits. Additionally there are many women who are leaders who do not exhibit these “feminine” traits.

When discussing masculine and feminine traits in leadership styles, what is referred to are those specific traits that are traditionally or stereotypically associated with gender. Transactional leadership styles, where an authoritarian leader is in complete control over followers, are at the opposite end of the spectrum from transformational leadership styles, and are identified with traditionally masculine traits. Transactional leadership, with clearly delineated roles for leaders and followers, is far more common in our country.

Transformational leadership is comprised of three factors: 1. charisma, which inspires an emotional bond between leaders and followers, 2. intellectual stimulation, which motivates followers to solve problems, and 3. individual consideration, which allows the development of personal relationship between leaders and followers, (Nahavandi, p.206). While transformational leadership is conducive to large-scale organizational change and is inspirational, transactional leadership is conducive to short term immediate outcomes and does not inspire followers.

When President Clinton expressed that we need a “new gender of leadership”, I believe he was referring to a need for an increase in transformational leadership, and I agree that we need to balance these two different styles of leadership within our organizations more effectively, ("Clinton pledges fidelity", 1992).

Although Nahavandi states that the research is inconclusive as to the importance of any specific trait within the big five personality dimensions, (2009, p. 128), I believe that a successful blending of personality traits is far more important to successful leadership than gender-specific traits, especially as none of these traits are actually specific to one gender. Successful leaders, whether their style is transactional or transformational, are conscientious, extroverted, open to new experiences, emotionally stable, and agreeable.


Clinton pledges fidelity to 'new gender of leadership' at women’s caucus. (1992, July 15). The Salt Lake City Tribune, p. A2.

Nahavandi, A. (2009). The art and science of leadership (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall.

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